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Mission Council

On Alcohol Abuse for the Spanish Speaking


The Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse for the Spanish Speaking, Inc., has been providing services for alcohol and substance abuse since July 20, 1978. As board members we are committed to the ideal of delivering culturally competent, community-base services that are accessible to everyone. In order to increase comprehensive services, MCAASS has added a mental health component to serve dual diagnosed client. In concert with the Mission Mental Health Program we are able to provide wrap around services. Also MCAASS is state license of DUI Multiple offender program, 18 months program, 12 months program, 9 months program, 6 months , and wet & reckless  As an agency we are constantly striving to meet the various needs of our clients by offering our services in a dignified and professional manner. We at the Mission Council on Alcohol Abuse for the Spanish Speaking take pride in our quality-driven programs and welcome the public to our website to learn more about us. Or you may stop by to visit

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Roberto Hernandez



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Board of Directors

Bob Hernandez-Board Chair

Alfred W. Williams-Vice President

Beth Moseley-Secretary

Mario Paz- Treasurer

Paul Tennet- Personnel Chair

Ernie Mendieta


Executive Director

Jose Luis Aguirre
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